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Click on the photos below to download from the 2021 Induction Ceremony

TCHOF 2021 Inductee Class.jpg

Inductee Class of 2021 - (pictured l to r) Director Andrea Ruby (Bob Wills), Taylor Sheridan, Bobby Cox, Susan Maddox (Keith Maddox), Bobby Kerr, Jennifer Smith and Stran Smith.

TCHOF 2021 - Jennifer and Stran
TCHOF 2021 - Taylor Sheridan.jpg
TCHOF 2021 - Bobby Cox.jpg
TCHOF 2021 - Jody Dean (Bob Wills).jpg

Jody Dean (accepting for Bob Wills)

TCHOF 2021 - Bobby Kerr.jpg
TCHOF 2021 - Susan (Keith) Maddox.jpg

Susan Maddox (accepting for late husband, Keith Maddox)

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